What does photographer Xavier Portela think about ChromaLuxe?

Mis à jour : 17 févr. 2020

Xavier Portela was invited as a guest photographer to exhibit at XPOSURE 2019, the biggest International Photo Festival in Sharjah. For this exhibition Xavier wanted his prints to be extremely vibrant, electric with deep black and deep contrast. So he got in touch with ChromaLuxe because he knew that ChromaLuxe can do that.

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When Xavier arrived at XPOSURE, he hadn’t seen the sublimated prints yet. There were 18 images of his series GLOW printed on white gloss aluminium panels and presented on big white walls.

Xavier comments: “I saw the prints and I was like WOW, this looks amazing. The colors are so faithful to what I had on my screen.”

And talking about screens, the visitors at XPOSURE were looking at the prints of Xavier and constantly looking on the side to see what it was exactly. Xavier thought they wanted to check the thickness of the metalprint but in fact they thought there was light behind the panels.

A thing that made Xavier laugh a little bit at the exhibition was the fact that the prints were cleaned two or three times a day. Someone from the organisation came over with a cloth and some water to clean the prints. At XPOSURE a total of 50 photographers showcased their images. All of these photographers, except Xavier, presented their work printed on paper, behind glass with a frame around it, in the classic way, so to speak. So there it is normal to clean the glass quickly with a cloth and some water. When the same thing happened with the metal prints, the visitors at the Xavier stand were shocked because the metal was cleaned directly with water. Xavier reassured them that it wouldn't hurt, the panels are water resistant because the ink isn't on the plate but printed in the plate.

Xavier explained to the visitors: “It’s okay that water is being used on my prints because the panels are water resistant. You can clean it with water, you can exhibit it outside and in the rain, you can actually scratch it with your nails or keys and the ink will not go away. It’s just amazing”

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