Photographer Carl Warner for the first time on ChromaLuxe

Carl Warner is a professional artist, director, author and photographer. Warner blends photography and art to make highly conceptual visual images. Based in London, Warner's 25-year career spans still life, advertising and photography.

Food posts are always a special treat for the eyes, but this selection of Foodscapes by Carl Warner is definitely something different. All of his food pictures are actually created out of fresh foods! He builds entire worlds that look unbelievably realistic.

Carl has been working in advertising and shooting still lives for over 25 years, and has been developing his Foodscapes idea for the past 10 years already.

The Foodscapes received international recognition back in 2008, and Carl has been coming up with new pieces ever since. Besides food, he also uses other medium to imitate landscapes. His sensual Bodyscapes project featured intricately tangled human bodies, which make you tilt your head a little with each picture.

Until now Carl had never printed his images on ChromaLuxe or aluminium panels. The gallery on SWPP in january 2020 is in fact a first, because a selection of his works is presented for the first time on ChromaLuxe. The images were printed in high resolution on the EPSON F7100 sublimation printer and then sublimated on white gloss ChromaLuxe panels using the SEFA press. The result is astonishing because the colours and clarity are so bright that it's as if you're standing in the landscapes.

From 23/1/2020 to 25/1/2020 these prints can be discovered on SWPP at the Novotel in London West. The gallery was set up in collaboration with Wex Photo Video. After SWPP, the prints will continue to be exhibited in the flagship stores of Wex Photo Video.

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