Horizonte Zingst and ChromaLuxe, a premium partnership!

ChromaLuxe is one of the premium partners of “Horizonte” the environmental photo festival in Zingst, Germany. Strong pictures and an international program are key. The focus of the whole town is on photography. Typical of Zingst are the unique open-air photo exhibitions in XXL format. The love for nature and the positive sensitization to change the environmental consciousness with moving pictures are guiding principles that permeate the entire, wide-ranging program.

More than 20 photo shows, a thematically wide-ranging program with workshops and inspiring lectures by international photographers bear witness to the high photographic quality of the festival. In terms of content, there are three focal points: The problems of climate change, the danger of plastic waste and the need to protect biodiversity.

ChromaLuxe was « print » partner of the following exhibitions

Unequal Scenes - By Johnny Miller

US photographer Johnny Miller has set himself the goal of using drone photography to change the perspective on social issues. Bird's-eye photography opens up a new objective way of looking at social inequalities and is intended to stimulate discourse.

"Unequal Scenes" is a visual project, driven entirely by the defining aesthetics of a drone that looks directly at the greatest trenches of inequality in the countries of the world. This open-air exhibition can be seen at the Postplatz from 25/5/2019 to 15/9/2019 All images are printed on ChromaLuxe EXT HD metal photo panels.

Last Paradise - By Ekaterina Sevrouk

With her idyllic animal portraits, the photographer warns against forgetting the threat and criticizes the destruction of habitats and the extinction of endangered animals. Ekaterina states: “This photo festival not only enables me to show my works to a large audience, but also helps me to make contacts with other artists. In addition, I can combine work with relaxation in an extremely pleasant environment.” The images of Ekaterina Sevrouk are printed on ChromaLuxe Aluminium White Gloss and on ChromaLuxe EXT HD metal photo panels. The white gloss finish enhances the quality and depth of the photo.

This exhibition can be seen from 25/5/2019 to 15/9/2019 in the Leica Galerie.

Multivisions - At the Multimedia Hall

Parallel to the exciting presentations of the multivision shows, which will be shown in the Multimedia Hall during the festival period, there will also be an exhibition showing a selection of pictures that the speakers have brought back from their travels or from their home country.

The list is impressive: Claudia Endres, Hardy Fiebig, the Society of German Animal Photographers (GDT) regional group Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Mario Goldstein, Robert Haasmann and Christine Sonvilla, Esther Horvath, York Hovest, Uli Kunz, Jimmy Nelson, Dieter Schonlau, Jens and Jana Steingässer, Florian Wagner, Helfried Weyer and Norbert Rosing, will report on their experiences in Zingst.

These pictures take the viewer on a journey around the globe. These unique nature photographs prove what’s going on, sometimes right on your doorstep.

The high-quality ChromaLuxe HD metal prints shine in bright colours, all images are printed on Aluminium White Gloss.

Multivisions at the Multimedia Hall opens on 27/5/2019

Because we care

ChromaLuxe is committed to the responsible use of environmental resources, in fact, environmental sustainability is an integral part of our business model. We have chosen to be an environmentally friendly organization for both ethical and economic reasons. From the use of recycled materials in the manufacturing of our products to workplace recycling and green initiatives, ChromaLuxe has developed a culture of environmental stewardship.

We shine

Prints produced on ChromaLuxe High Definition Metal plates use a special process that infuses dyes directly into specially coated aluminium. This results in clear and vibrant prints with exceptional depth and resolution that are highly durable and designed to last a lifetime. Hundreds of top professional photographers and artists have been discovering just why ChromaLuxe HD Metal takes high-end fine art printing to a new level of quality.

“Partnering with a world-class photo festival like Horizonte allows us to connect with the photographic community and its opinion leaders. The social commentary, expressed in many of the exhibitions, underlines our sustainable code of conduct. And of course, the work makes our product shine at its best.” states Peter Boodts, ChromaLuxe Marketing Manager for the EMEA region.

More info on Horizonte Zingst: www.horizonte-zingst.de

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