ChromaLuxe at the environmentally-friendly Photo Festival: Montier-en-der in France

Mis à jour : 5 déc. 2019

This International Wildlife and Nature Photo Festival organized by AFPAN "l'Or Vert" will take place from thursday 14 to sunday 17 november 2019 in Montier-en-Der, France. Photographers, nature associations, youth associations, magazines, photo agencies, editions, travel agencies and many craftsmen will be present during the 4 days.

The Montier Photo Festival started over 21 years ago when a group of friends with a passion for photography and wildlife decided to organize a fair showcasing the prestigious « Wildlife Photographer of the Year » competition exhibition – then organized by the BBC Wildlife Magazine and the London Natural History Museum – the world’s most important competition for wildlife photography.

This first event welcomed about 4,000 visitors in 2 days. One year later the « fair » turned into a « festival ». The Organization for the Wildlife and Nature Photo Festival (i.e. AFPAN « l’Or Vert ») was thus founded.

The festival has quickly become a must-attend event for both amateur and professional photographers as well as nature lovers and the general public. Every year, key figures from different fields are invited to be patrons of the festival, such as Allain BOUGRAIN-DUBOURG, Yann ARTHUS-BERTRAND, Hubert REEVES, Nicolas VANNIER, Matthieu RICARD, Isabelle AUTISSIER, Dr Bindeshwar PATHAK, Gilles BOEUF and Louis ESPINASSOUS. The festival also welcomes outstanding French and foreign photographers such as Vincent MUNIER, Jim BRANDENBURG, Frans LANTING, Steve WINTER, James BALOG and Kyriakos KAZIRAS and REZA.

All the images for the principal exhibition are showcased on White Gloss Aluminium panels printed by Déclic Editions (arranged by Graphic Reseau). 97 glossy and super vibrant panels, size 60x80cm, will steal the show.

Click HERE for more info on this amazing Photo Festival.

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