ChromaLuxe and Nanna Heitmann, Hiding from Baba Yaga at the Leica Gallery in Zingst

At the Leica Gallery in Zingst Germany the exhibition of Nanna Heitmann, Hiding from Baba Yaga, opens January 23 2020

ChromaLuxe partners up with Zingst to showcase some amazing photos throughout the year. Zingst is the home of photography. All year round there are inspiring exhibitions, exciting photo workshops and a photo service that fulfils almost every wish of the visitors and gives them competent advice, from the rental of the most modern photo technology to the perfect printing of the pictures. Moreover, the peninsula with its picturesque places and the wild nature in the National Park Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft offers perfect motives for impressive pictures.

Leica Gallery Zingst

This almost intimate gallery is a little hidden in the historic station building in Zingst Germany. It is a great honour for Zingst that this gallery is allowed to bear the title "Leica Gallery", as otherwise only exquisite galleries in the world's metropolises are allowed to do, but on the other hand it places high demands on the Leica photographer to be exhibited. The Leica Camera shares with many people worldwide the passion for creative photography at a high level. It has therefore always been of great importance to Leica to make such photographic works accessible to other people who appreciate them.

From January 23 untill May 8 2020 the exhibition, Hiding from Baba Yaga by Nanna Heitmann is showcased here.

Hiding from Baba Yaga

Steppes, enchanted forests and special people: The Yenisei, one of the longest rivers on earth, led photographer Nanna Heitmann through Siberia.

Following its course, Nanna Heitmann travelled across the rough wilderness of the Siberian taiga. Her photo project resembles a documentary about life along the river: On its banks, the photographer met loners, dropouts and dreamers whose world is reflected in the sensitive images. They are fled serfs, criminals, renegades or simply adventurers and old believers - people for whom the vastness of Siberia gives them the freedom they need to live according to their own ideas. But not all encounters on this journey tell of freedom and longing. Some also illustrate the difficulties in the region: the low life expectancy and the big alcohol problems.

In addition to life by the river, Heitmann also documents the ancient myths and rituals of this region. Slavic fairy tales served as a source of inspiration for the young photographer: "Baba Yaga" is an important figure in Slavic folklore. She is an unpredictable and dangerous witch who lives in a region in the middle of the forest. Heitmann found inspiration for the series in her own vita: "My mother comes from Russia. But apart from Moscow, Russia has always been just a big dark spot on the map for me. So I decided to spend a semester abroad in Tomsk, Siberia. So far my ideas of Russia were mainly influenced by Soviet children's films and Slavic fairy tales, which I read as a child and which also inspired me for my photo project "Hiding from Baba Yaga"."

The exhibition actually starts on the outside of the Leica Gallery. 6 large photos, size 120x170cm printed on ChromaLuxe EXT panels are presented. ChromaLuxe EXT are UV resistant panels to use outdoors. The photo panels are water resistant and can be used into direct sunlight without fading. 

Place to be

LEICA Gallery Zingst

Am Bahnhof 1, 18374 Zingst


Hiding from Baba Yaga runs from 23/01/2020 until 8/05/2020

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