A.T.A.N.O.M.Y by SHED MOJAHID printed on ChromaLuxe

Mis à jour : 5 déc. 2019

Mark your calendar for this amazing exhibition

Thursday, October 3rd will be the opening of one of the biggest projects of Shed Mojahid. The exhibition will last 4 months in the Metro Station LA BOURSE from 4/10/2019 to 4/02/2020.

Shed Mojahid is a professional dancer and photographer. He photographes dancers with a unique sense of timing and succeeds in capturing the flow of emotions through the force and grace of their movements.

Unique sense of timing

What makes Shed’s pictures unique is his ability to capture acrobatic moves of dancers as well as the space in which they perform.

The Project A.TA.N.O.M.Y was realized with the dancers of "Les Brigittes" and in collaboration with Timiss (Zinnema). The images are printed by Labo JJ Micheli in Brussels on high-definition metal photo panels of ChromaLuxe.

A.T.A.N.O.M.Y from 3/10/2019 - 4/2/2020 at LA BOURSE Metro Station in Bruxelles, Belgium

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